Yes and it includes design and professional grade content / images

Ideally suited for small scale enterprises who needs to have a quick and a functional web presence to capitalise on their social media contacts. The professional email that can be accessed on any android email app.  We take a full 7 days to research on your industry to provide you with international standard content and images. The page length is not a criteria and can have up to 6 distinctive sections encompassing the complete need related to web presence. 


multi page website with any extension and email @ just Rs. 4500


For organisations that need to share a diverse range of information

We offer the complete package comprising of 6 to 8 pages and with world class content and images,  We will need a minimum period of 10 to 15 days to deliver the fully completed website along with the required email. 

live wire pack

This is essential for companies for whom constant updating of site is a necessity to be competitive in the market. This will also include adding fresh content on a  weekly basis. 

Set up cost would be Rs. 6,000/- plus a monthly retainer of Rs. 2,000/-.